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First Aid Course For Travelers

Flying for a long trip? Planning your dream trip alone or with your family? Whether you choose a caravan trip or trekking - you need to "pack" with you first aid and CPR skills- so that you can come back home safely and be sure and calm that you know what to do in any situation.

We offer a practical and focused two-hour course, which goes through all the common emergencies that can happen on trips, based on extensive therapeutic experience accumulated during trips around the world and in different climatic conditions

תמונה לעמוד בית ליווי רפואי לטיולים ולתת

Course Syllabus:

Introduction - What is first aid, how to call for help, recommendations for first aid equipment for the trip.

CPR - in babies, children and adults (including defibrillator and Beatty use).

General Emergencies - choking, fainting, convulsions, dehydration, hypothermia, heat stroke, drowning, poisoning, allergic diseases, falls, car accidents, heart attack and stroke.

Specific emergencies - bites, burns, altitude, indigestion.

Our special digital course will be avilable soon..

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